3 Advantages Of Turntable Skid Wrappers For Your Warehouse

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In a warehouse setting, handling palletized or skidded merchandise is just part of daily workflow, and wrapping pallets is a must to keep them stable if they are going to be transported, stored, or carried across the facility. There are multiple types of skid wrappers out there, but many warehouses rely on manual wrappers. The turntable skid wrapper has a revolving platform that the pallet gets placed on and an automated arm stretches the wrap around the pallet as it turns. Here is a look at some of the advantages of purchasing turntable skid wrappers for sale for a warehouse setting:

Turntable skid wrappers wrap pallets quickly. 

If you are looking to boost efficiency and productivity in your warehouse, then investing in a turntable skid wrapper is a good option. Some of these equipment pieces can have the pallet wrapped and ready to go in less than a minute, which is a lot less than the few minutes it can take for an employee to do this manually. The turntable spins rather quickly so the pallet or skid turns as the wrap is added. The employee can then retrieve the wrapped pallet with a jack and take it wherever it needs to go. 

Reduce the strain on employees that would be wrapping manually. 

Wrapping a pallet manually involves walking around the pallet several times to get the full pallet covered, and this can be more strenuous than what is expected, especially if multiple pallets are being wrapped by the same employee. With a turntable skid wrapper, the employee only has to use a pallet jack to put the pallet or skid on the turntable, push a button, and then retrieve the wrapped pallet when the machine is done. This is far less strenuous than walking in circles around the pallet to get it aptly covered. 

Turntable skid wrappers create a secure wrap in seconds. 

One problem that can come along with manual wrapping is not getting a good secure wrap. Even though it is possible to get a tight wrap with a regular wrapper that is used by employees if they do the job properly, the automated turntable wrapper is far better at wrapping a pallet in a secure fashion. The wrap is held at precisely the right tension while the turntable turns the pallet, so every layer that goes on is secure and tight against the packages or merchandise on the pallet. 

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