Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Workover Rig For Oil Field Operations

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One of the more important pieces of equipment used in the oil field industry is a workover rig. These machines are used to insert and take out pipe tubing in wells. If you plan on purchasing one for your site, these precautions can leave you extremely satisfied. 

Budget Accordingly

Since workover rigs are pretty expensive, you need to budget accordingly. Otherwise, you may get yourself into a tough financial situation that you later regret. So that this doesn't happen, take your time examining your company's finances.

Just how much money can be put towards this workover rig? If you're not sure, you might consider working with a financial advisor to look over your company's expenses and steady revenue. They can recommend a particular figure that's actually feasible for your oil field company, saving you a lot of remorse later on.

Assess Maintenance History

If you plan on buying a used workover rig, then it's paramount to take a look at its maintenance history. This will give you a pretty good idea of how well the rig was treated over the years, and then you can make a more informed selection.

Talk to the seller and have them hand over maintenance reports. You want to see regular service dates as this shows you the rig was inspected and serviced consistently. Also keep an eye out for red flags, such as major damage. If there were a lot of issues reported in the past, you may be better off going with another rig just as a safety precaution.

Vet Sellers

To really be confident in such a large purchase for oil field operations, it's highly recommended to vet sellers. You can then find the perfect one that inspires confidence and leads to a high-quality rig investment.

Start by seeing which sellers have a history of selling rigs for the oil field industry. Decades of experience will give you confidence that the seller knows what they're doing and offers quality rigs. Also examine the reputation of various sellers. If you find one that's positively received in this industry, you can be a lot more confident when buying from them.  

There are a lot of important machinery around oil field sites today, but one of the most important is a workover rig. As long as you come into this purchase informed and patient, you should have no trouble finding a workover rig that's high-quality and lasts for many years to come. 

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