3 Benefits Of Using Turntable Wrapping Equipment

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If you want to automate your wrapping processes, then you need to find the right kind of wrapping machine for your products or pallets. A turntable wrapper could be the solution you need.

What are the advantages of using this kind of wrapping machine?

1. Get Versatile Wrapping Options

If you need to wrap items of different shapes and sizes, then you ideally want a machine that can handle them all. You don't want to have to invest in too many machines, especially if your packaging needs fluctuate.

Turntable wrapping equipment is often the most versatile choice. The item you want to wrap sits on a turntable. As it goes around, the wrap is applied.

This simple but effective process works on many different types of items. As long as you can get something on the turntable and it fits the machine's specifications, then you can wrap it. A single machine could fit all your jobs.

2. Get Fast and Consistent Results

If you use manual wrapping, then you can only go as fast as your best worker. Plus, while experienced people can manually wrap items effectively, they won't always produce completely consistent results.

If someone is wrapping a lot of items, then they will flag after a while. They'll get physically tired and they might take their eye off the ball. So, the quality of their wraps might be inconsistent. Some of their wrappings might not be good enough to protect your products or pallets.

If you use a turntable wrapper, then you get faster and more consistent results. A machine can work quickly and without breaks. It won't tire. So, you can wrap more items in a given timescale and get better results.

3. Save Money on Wrapping Costs

If you manually wrap items, then you're likely to have increased packaging costs. You have to pay for wrapping materials and wastage. Plus, this can be a labour-intensive job at busy times, so you'll have higher staffing costs.

An automated turntable wrapping machine uses materials more efficiently. It can stretch its plastics to make them thinner, so your wrapping supplies go further. You can wrap more items from one roll than you could if you used manual wrapping.

You'll also reduce packaging waste as the machine is less likely to make mistakes. Your labour costs could be lower. You won't need to put so many people on this job if you automate it.

To learn more and to buy turntable wrapping equipment, contact packaging equipment professionals.

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