Dry Ice Blasting Benefits: Why It's A Great Choice

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Whether you're cleaning equipment or building exteriors, choosing the right method can make all the difference in your results. Sometimes, you'll find that blasting is a necessary approach for cleaning, removing debris, stripping paint, and more. If you want to avoid traditional blasting media, though, dry ice blasting might prove to be the best solution for your situation. Here's a look at what you need to know about the advantages of dry ice blasting.  

Non-Abrasive Approach

One of the benefits of dry ice blasting is the fact that it is a non-abrasive method. You don't have to worry about your blasting efforts causing divots, dips, scratches, or other surface damage to anything that you're cleaning if you choose dry ice blasting. The dry ice is soft by comparison to many types of blasting media, which makes it an ideal choice when you're worried about protecting the surface condition of machines, exterior walls, and other components.

No Residual Media Debris Cleanup

For many people, when it comes to using any form of blasting for cleaning, one of the biggest problems is the residual media debris that results from the process. Blasting is often a messy job with particles that end up all over the place. If you've ever had to clean up blasting sand or other similar media, you know how tedious that can be. Dry ice blasting eliminates that stage of the process completely. The dry ice evaporates completely, leaving no debris behind for cleanup.

Dry Cleaning Process

If you're worried about using a pressure washer for any application because of concerns with water exposure, dry ice blasting might be the best solution. Dry ice converts to a gas upon contact, so there's no water exposure of any kind. That makes dry ice blasting a great choice for areas where you need dry cleaning without adding excess clean-up afterward.

Environmentally Ideal

When your environmental footprint matters and you want to choose a cleaning method that isn't going to be damaging to the environment, dry ice blasting is the best choice there is. Since the dry ice pellets evaporate into carbon dioxide gas, the blasting media serves its purpose and then converts to a form that's ideal for the trees to absorb and convert to carbon, which nourishes the soil and encourages the healthy growth of trees and plants. It's an ideal cycle that's great for the environment.

Before you dismiss blasting as the solution for your cleaning needs, consider dry ice blasting because of these benefits.

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